Because of God's Great Mercy

Pastor Erik Grayvold

“Because of God’s Great Mercy” is the title of our stewardship emphasis this year. The scriptural basis of this focus on our stewardship of all that God has entrusted into our care is I Peter 2:9, “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people, in order that you may proclaim the mighty acts of him who called you out of darkness and into his marvelous light.”

We begin by proclaiming all that God has done for us, hence the title “Because of God’s Great Mercy.” God has made us God’s own people. We will also consider how generous giving is an important part of every Christian’s life, and how our combined generosity can make even greater things possible through our congregation.

We will think together about how our giving to BLC is an important part of our Christian faith, and how BLC uses our offerings to do God’s work within the congregation’s walls, in our community, and around the world.

“Because of God’s Great Mercy” will ask you to do two things. First, you will be asked to increase your giving to BLC by at least ½ of 1% of your household income. Second, you will be asked to consider using an automatic funds transfer program that BLC already has in place for your giving.

“Because of God’s Great Mercy” will use mail, e-mail, and time in worship to share information with you. Please make a special effort to watch for material during this important time in our congregation’s life.