Join BLC

As the body of Christ we welcome all those who come through the doors. We do not see you as guests in the traditional sense of the word, but rather partners in mission. We share in the same Gospel and the same hope of God’s love in this world. You are always welcome to contact the church office at 219.926.5596 or email our administrative assistant if you have any questions prior to coming to BLC.


Location and directions

We are located next to Dogwood park in Chesterton. The parking lot access is off W 1100 N. Get directions to our church.

What time is worship?

Worship is at 5:30 pm on Saturday nights and 9:00 am on Sunday mornings. During Advent and Lent we gather for evening prayer on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. Occasionally, we will have a one worship service weekend. These will be posted on our front page on the occasions we have them.

What is the style of worship?

We use traditional Lutheran liturgies, but we have also been exploring music across the global Church. While we do occasionally change our liturgies around, we will have singing, Bible readings, a sermon, and prayers throughout all of our services.

Am I invited to take Communion?

Absolutely. All who are called by the Holy Spirit are welcomed at God’s table. If you do not wish to partake in communion or you have a child you do not wish to receive communion, you or the child is welcome to still come to the table and receive a blessing.

Are children invited to worship?

Absolutely, and we strongly believe they can be present for the whole worship as they will see older children often helping out in leading the worship service. We also believe that worship is the foundational and central practice of the Christian faith and that people of all ages are fed and nourished for mission from our time of worship together.

There are activity bags for children who need some extra activity during the worship service, but we also enjoy the extra sounds that come from having young children in worship. For some children (and even adults for that matter), worship can become a bit stressful and may need to get away from the sanctuary. We have a cry room that looks out over the sanctuary, has the service broadcasted into it, and allows time for any children (or adults!) to settle in a place with less stimulus. Our ushers are also available to assist you in anyway regarding this matter as well.

What should I wear?

You will find that members of the BLC community will be wearing anything from t-shirt and jeans to business casual. We even have some that wear suits! God calls us from all places sometimes and you may even see people occasionally in their work uniforms if they are going to work or just returning. We are all one in mission, no matter the clothing we wear.

What kind of accessibility do you have in your building?

Our building is all one floor and we have an open floor in our sanctuary. We are more than willing to remove chairs as needed for space to include people using wheelchairs, child carriers, or any other need that an individual has.

Becoming a member

If you are interested in joining BLC, we would love for you to be a part of our congregation. If you and your family are not transferring from another Lutheran congregation, we ask that you go through a series of three classes. One class will be on Biblical curiosity and appreciation of Scripture being “the cradle that holds Christ out to us.” Another class will instruct on the basic Lutheran understanding of Justification and how that leads us to seek justice in love towards God and Neighbor. The final class will be our Baptismal vocation and the offering up of gifts of time and talent.

Please email Pastor John if you are interested in joining BLC.

Getting involved

There are many ways to get involved at BLC. We will have occasional mission projects, and other activities around the church that will come up and can be found on our main page. Some ongoing volunteer work in the church that we need help at the moment are the following:

If you are interested in financially supporting our ministry, you can donate to any of our various funds through